• Parenting Fundamentals

    Parenting Fundamentals trains and certifies agencies, educators, and individuals to deliver an innovative, evidence-based parenting education program to current parents/caregivers.

  • ParentABLE

    ParentAble trains high school teachers to deliver parenting fundamentals to students. These lessons provide a foundational understanding of positive parenting practices.

  • Parenting Essentials

    Parenting Essentials is a series of 9 parenting videos that provide useful tips and tools that caregivers can put into practice immediately.

What is ParenTeach?

Learn what ParenTeach is all about by watching our short 3-minute introductory video and meet Katharine Bensinger, founder and President of ParenTeach, who will describe the need she saw to implement parentally-focused educational programs across the country.

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Our Partners

“Good morning! I wanted to touch base and let you know how AMAZING this project is. We received feedback from one parent so far. She called and said her son asked to show her what we are doing at school. Then she asked him why we are teaching him about parenting and he said 'idk but I think every school should be doing this.' She said 'he hasn't talked to me about school since elementary.' This gives me goosebumps!”

Sarah - High School Teacher

“I think this is a great opportunity for people in general to grow and learn. Soon I hope parenting classes will be taught worldwide because too many kids suffer and are suffering from improper parenting techniques. I talked to my mom about it and she was all about it and realised she also made a few mistakes while parenting us. I love that we are doing this, this is so very important for literally the human race.”

Jenny P. - High School Student

“I like that we got to learn about parenting. I feel like schools don't really talk about this and expect us to already know about parenting, which we don't have a lot of knowledge of.”

Darrell - High School Student

“I learn how to use “I” messages, learning how to reflect on my feelings, rules and consequences. I learned that it is important to listen to my children’s feelings, and be patient.”

Roger - Proud Parent