Our Mission

ParenTeach prioritizes high-quality parenting and caregiver education. At ParenTeach, our primary goal is to de-stigmatize, normalize, and build awareness of parenting and caregiving education in order to create a healthier, safer and more productive society. We do this by offering online parenting and caregiving courses that can be taken by anyone anywhere.

In addition to providing learning opportunities, ParenTeach is engaged in actively advocating for legislation on the state and national level, to advance the parenting education movement.

Video: An Introduction to ParenTeach

What are the benefits of parenting & caregiving education?

After over 25 years teaching Parenting and caregiving education, we have learned that early parenting and caregiving education can:

  • Reduce child abuse and neglect rates

  • Break the cycle of unintentional harmful parenting

  • Promote Early Relational Health

  • Create a level of comfort in seeking future parenting resources and support

  • Increase SEL (Social Emotional Learning) competencies