Our Mission

ParenTeach prioritizes high-quality parenting and caregiver education. At ParenTeach, our primary goal is to de-stigmatize, normalize, and build awareness of parenting and caregiving education in order to create a healthier, safer and more productive society. We do this by offering online parenting and caregiving courses that can be taken by anyone anywhere.

In addition to providing learning opportunities, ParenTeach is engaged in actively advocating for legislation on the state and national level, to advance the parenting education movement.

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What are the benefits of parenting & caregiving education?

After over 25 years teaching Parenting and caregiving education, we have learned that early parenting and caregiving education can:

  • Reduce child abuse and neglect rates

  • Break the cycle of unintentional harmful parenting

  • Promote Early Relational Health

  • Create a level of comfort in seeking future parenting resources and support

  • Increase SEL (Social Emotional Learning) competencies

From the Founder of ParenTeach,
Katharine Bensinger

In 1994 while working as a family therapist at a community mental health center in Chicago, I witnessed many children and parents going through traumatic experiences; divorce, domestic violence, children with anxiety and struggling with self-regulation. I also witnessed something else. Many of these overwhelmed parents used unintentional harmful parenting practices. They had trouble communicating with their children and disciplining effectively, not because they didn’t love their children, but because they were never taught positive parenting and caregiving skills.

This is why in 1996 we began to develop highly effective, evidence-based parenting education programs. ParenTeach knows that the quality and stability of a child’s parental relationships determine the level of their self-confidence, mental health, motivation to learn, academic achievement, ability to resolve conflict without violence, and positive caregiving skills. Since launching our first program, Parenting Fundamentals, we have added a number of online and in person positive parenting and caregiving courses that allow large numbers of individuals and facilitated group classes to have access to positive parenting and caregiving education.

Explore our Offerings

ParenTeach offers a number of evidence-based positive parenting education courses for people of all ages and backgrounds. Classes can take place in person or online in a number of settings, such as in schools, hospitals, pediatric offices, community centers, therapist offices, and privately. We are constantly validating, modifying, and improving our curriculum based on research and evaluation, as well as measured feedback from each of our participants. For this reason, ParenTeach delivers cutting-edge innovative, universal, parenting and caregiver courses that teach child development, problem-solving skills, non-violent discipline, and positive parent-child communication in order to prevent unintentional harmful parenting practices, promote Early Relational Health, insure healthy social and emotional development of children, strengthen families, and improve school readiness and achievement so every child can live up to their full potential.

"We do know from our research that parents who know more about child development do interact with their children and raise them in ways that help promote their learning."

- Meredith L. Rowe
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

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