What is ParenTeach?

At ParenTeach, our primary goal is to de-stigmatize, normalize, and build awareness of parenting education in order to create a healthier, safer and more productive society. We do this by providing access to a variety of positive parenting education courses for people of all ages and backgrounds, both in-person and online. In addition to providing learning opportunities, ParenTeach actively advocates for legislation to advance the parenting education movement.







Twenty-two percent of children in the United States of America, or 15.6 million kids, have had two or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Examples of ACEs include divorce, child abuse, an incarcerated parent, domestic violence, and drug or alcohol abuse in the home.

The Center for Disease Control’s ACE Study (1998) uncovered links between childhood trauma and adult outcomes, indicating the higher an ACE score, the greater likelihood of poor outcomes (e.g., heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, teen pregnancies, suicide, low school achievement and criminal justice involvement/incarceration). 

According to the CDC, one of the five strategies in preventing ACE’s such as child abuse and neglect is to, “enhance parenting skills to promote healthy child development.” CDC.gov (2019). If the parent-child relationship is successfully developed, it can break the intergenerational transmission of trauma and negative health outcomes (Putnam, 2003) while improving child behavior, self-confidence, empathy, motivation, academic achievement, interpersonal communication skills and parenting success. 

ParenTeach delivers the support and education families need to develop healthy relationships in their homes and communities.