Parenting Essentials

Parenting Essentials is adapted from Parenting Fundamentals, an evidence-based parenting education program founded in 1996. Parenting Fundamentals promotes the social and emotional development of children, prevents child abuse, strengthens families and supports school readiness and achievement.

Parenting Essentials is a series of 9 parenting videos that provide useful tips and tools that caregivers can put into practice immediately. Parenting Essentials is web-based and parent self-guided with flexible implementation.

What We've Learned
After over 25 years of community education efforts and tracking data

Early parenting education can break the

cycle of harmful parenting

Early parenting education can create a level

of comfort in seeking future parenting

resources and support

Early parenting education can reduce child

abuse and neglect rates

Early parenting education can increase

students' SEL competencies